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Owner, Lisa Modena, J.D., has a fine eye and reputation for staging fantastic well organized sales. Lisa is experienced in valuing fair market prices for antiques, vintage furniture, jewelry, Antique cars, motorcycles and many other collectibles.  Her past clients include a former runway model, television host for the Travel Channel, accomplished musicians and one of the first woman to work as an executive for NASA/Hubble. Early in her career, Lisa worked as a host for a popular international TV show. She has a law degree from Lincoln Law School of San Jose and is an Associate of the American Society Of Estate Liquidators and member of Antiques Collectibles National Association.  Lisa  is a seasoned event organizer and handles crowds and unexpected emergencies quickly and gracefully.

What Is The Difference Between an Estate Sale and Estate Liquidation?

An Estate Sale is the sale of a substantial portion of personal property. Estate Liquidation occurs when the entire contents of an estate are cleared from a home or business.  Liquidation loosely means "the winding-up and divestment of some or all assets."  The terms estate liquidation and estate sale are often used interchangeably. Both are intended to convert personal property into currency.

How Do I Know If I should Have An Estate Sale?

You should have an estate sale if you have a substantial amount of sellable items that you need to dispose of. Always consult with a professional before making this determination.

Why Have An Estate Sale?

The most common reasons for an estate sale occur when it becomes necessary to dispose of personal property due to downsizing, moving, foreclosure, divorce, death, remodeling, bankruptcy, settling an estate or going out of business.

What It Means To Be An Associate Of The American Society Of Estate Liquidators (AESL)?

Being a member of The American Society of Estate Liquidators® (ASEL) represents a commitment to uphold standards of conduct and best practices as a measure of effectiveness and integrity within the estate sales industry. While ASEL is not a policing agency, they offer comprehensive guidelines for conduct and ethics.  We strive to be considered among the best of the best and consider ASEL’s standards as a way of getting us there.

In an industry laden with pop-ups and fly-by-night companies, many of which may be using questionable practices.  As a member of ASEL we agree to observe a set of principles dictated by ASEL in order to maintain our membership in good standing. Adherence to a Code of Ethics reinforces to the marketplace that they are working with professionals who are the cream of the crop. From honest representation and confidentiality to professional conduct and fairness in fees and pricing.  As ASEL members we bring a higher level of credibility and standards to the profession.

Why Use A Professional Estate Sale Company?

Dealing with a traumatic experience, not having the time and the emotional aspects of having to sort through all of the items in an estate can be very overwhelming.  It can be difficult to determine what to do with the collectibles, antiques, furniture, art, jewelry, clothes and all other household goods.  Depending on the size and contents of the estate, placing a value on all these items is a daunting task and requires more than garage sale mentality.  This is when you may want to hire a professional to take care of the necessary details.

Benefits Of Hiring A Professional To Run Your Estate Sale.

Hiring a credible professional who adheres to the highest of ethics and represents a client's needs through integrity, confidentiality and honesty, ensures peace of mind knowing your estate liquidation and dissolution needs are being handled with no conflicts of interest.

Professionals should have insight into marketing and be business savvy with the ability to maintain an edge over others.  Good professional estate sale representation and their team should be well versed in maximizing the value of everything they are selling and can vastly improve an estates ability to capture higher dollar figures for almost anything you can find in your home. We have outstanding sales results because we use the best people for research, selling, crowd control and protection.

Who Do We Work With?

We work with the needs of individuals, families, executors, trustees, attorneys, estates in receivership, real estate agents, designers, personal representatives, financial planners and many other professionals to efficiently achieve their goals of liquidating the contents of homes.

What Kind Of Payments Do We Take?

We use the square reader and accept Visa, Mastercard, cash, checks with valid id and all forms of Paypal.

Our Number One Talent.

Our number one talent is "to know when we don't know" and "know how to find out," our efforts in valuing everything that is being sold on behalf of the estate can generate greater sales income because we turn to competent outside experts to check out items and pricing on things we are not sure about.

Hire A Professional To Conduct Your Estate Sale When:

  • There are high value items needing expert research and marketing
  • Have an Estate that needs extensive organization in order to properly stage an Estate Sale
  • You simply do not have the time

Hire A Good Estate Sales Professional, One With Experience and Verifiable References.

They and their team vastly improve an estates ability to capture higher dollars for almost anything you can find in your home...their efforts on behalf of your estate can generate greater sales income and will more than pay for their services and fees.


We pride ourselves on confidentiality.  Any professional estate sale company must practice this.   We may discover something that the public does not need to know about and possibly something the family may not know about.   We do not and will not disclose personal information about family members, or other pertinent information at any time without permission.   

Why Hire Us?
We conduct our business based on a higher standard of practice and are dedicating our career to the industry and to putting our clients needs first. We strive to take a leadership role in an industry that has no oversight and is not currently regulated. Our clients are given an added peace of mind knowing that they are working with true professionals. 

We hold ourselves accountable, resulting in a reputation of being a trusted resource for anybody needing our services.