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When considering options of what to do with the many possessions in an estate, some people may feel that they can save money paid out in commission to a professional estate sale company by conducting their own estate sale.   Although this idea comes with the best of intentions, the truth is that conducting your own estate sale, one that is successful and well run is unusual.

We are all highly qualified and capable to do most things by ourselves, but conducting your own estate sale really does require a professional.  To avoid stress and disappointment, consider these things:

  1. Most people do not realize how much arranging, organizing, sorting, disposal, set up, advertising, etc. there is and that it can be a massive undertaking.
  2. The ability to maximize proceeds is not often understood.
  3. Handling the public in an estate, especially if it's that of a family member who has passed is not easy.
  4. Professional estate sale companies have a list of buyers who are loyal followers.
  5. If your emotional because your dealing with a loved one's estate it's easy to be taken advantage of in terms of significance and value of items.
  6. Knowledge of crowd control may not be enough to handle large crowds of buyers.
  7. Knowing what to value items at comes with experience, asking too little for something worth much more or asking too high of a price for something not worth much is common and results in unsold items and less money for the estate.
  8. A common mistake often occurs in misidentifying genuine jewelry, precious metals, silverware and other valuable household items as those that are costume and junk, a professional has experience in identifying such items.
  9. What the market will tolerate in terms of what buyers are willing to pay for an item are much different than what you paid for it originally.
  10. Significant items of value are often thrown out or given away, a professional will not allow this to happen.
  11. Seller beware, if you don't know what an item is worth, a buyer sure will.
  12. Knowing how to price items fairly to maximize proceeds comes with experience.
  13. Not knowing how to set up properly has it's risks, including liability issues.
  14. A professional has no attachment to items, personal attachment makes it hard to let go, thus making it uncomfortable for the buyers and for you.
  15. Professionals will bring in more proceeds than someone with no experience. Plain and simple.  They know how to ring out every bit of an estate.  Penny pinching to avoid paying a professionals commission can backfire by hindering the amount of proceeds received by the estate.
  16. Professionals can prepare for and conduct a sale in a short amount of time. A non professional may take months to prepare.
  17. Knowledge that there is a lack of secondary market for some items needing to be sold and how to best handle those items.
  18. Ability to identify the most significant/important items and how to price, market or even what venue to sell them at is knowledge that many non professionals do not possess.
  19. Professionals can identify and pull items that have been curbed, thrown away or destined for donation as things that have value. 
  20. Non professionals usually don't have  resources to pull from in the event help is needed to research, identify and price items.
  21. It is extremely exhausting and emotional to see personal items, handled, criticized, purchased and leaving the estate.
  22. Professionals look at items objectively and are able to handle eager friends and family neutrally and seamlessly.  
  23. Professionals have the staff to deal with the size of the job.
  24. Professionals have the man power for moving, rearranging and setting up items in an estate, they are also used to working long hours on sale days.
  25. Not everything sells and if there is a house full of stuff after a sale that was unsuccessful because of bad pricing, emotional attachment, etc, you still have to figure out what to do with it all. Professionals have the experience to deal with remaining items and what to do about it.
  26. Professionals have negotiation and haggling experience.
  27. Professionals know what items haven't been selling lately and how to group such items in order to make them more enticing for buyers.
  28. Professionals are highly aware of how the setting, tone and vibe of an estate influences buyers, you may not be aware of issues such as odors, pets, people still living at the estate, how to stage items to make them appealing, etc. All this influences the success of a sale.

Conducting Your Own Estate Sale vs. Hiring An Estate Sale Company