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How Much Work Goes Into An Estate Sale?

Preparing for and conducting an estate sale is not easy, in fact it can be very tedious. We believe that the possessions someone collected in their lifetime deserve to be treated with respect.  In order to best showcase the contents of an estate there are a number of steps involved and things to know about running a successful estate sale.  


After everything that you want to keep has been removed from the estate or identified as something that is not for sale, we will go into the home and begin the process of cleaning and sorting everything that potentially can be sold.  This process is very labor intensive.  Boxes need to be unpacked, cupboards, drawers, and closets need to be emptied.  Non-sellable items are disposed of and hauled away if necessary - we make sure that every item that can be recycled is.  It is important that every single item gets a thorough look through, including photo albums, files, books, etc., you'd be surprised at the places people stash things.  If we are aware that an item, such as a ring is missing we will even go so far as to check vents and heaters to see if the missing item is there.  

If something seems important, whether it be a piece of jewelry that was overlooked and should possibly stay in the family to documents that may need to be viewed before disposal.  We always contact the decision-maker (family, executor, trustee, etc.,) regarding what we've found and let you decide what to do with it.  

We research important items, price all sellable items and place higher end items in locked display cases. If there are not enough horizontal surfaces, extra tables are brought in. We will group items together, and take the time to display and stage them in such a way as to make them more attractive and appealing to our buyers.  

Marketing & Advertising

A sale can be advertised in different ways.  We have a list of buyers who have signed up for estate sale notifications, and send out email notices prior to the sale to hundreds of people.  We also list our sales on our website and link to other sites such as, Facebook.   We advertise locally, have professional signage and utilize online resources such as,, and Craigslist.  

Our ads are written creatively, a well-written advertisement, attractive photos and having a good reputation get buyers waiting in line to gain access to our sales.

 Sale Days

After the Sale