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We are a multi-service estate sale company.  Depending on your needs, you may require only an estate sale or a variety of services.  We can assist you with those decisions.  

Our standard fee is based on commission from the gross proceeds of the sale.  Gross proceeds are the money realized from the sale of all personal property before costs of production are paid.  Depending on the size of the estate and the scope of work involved gross proceeds may or may not include additional services/fees.  Commission is between 40% - 50% and usually covers conducting the sale, organizing, pulling out items, sorting, cleaning select items, professionally displaying and securing items, researching (which may include calling in other professionals or taking items off site for valuation), pricing, marketing, advertising and dealing with the public - which is all very hard work.   The percentage of commission is determined after a walk-through of the premises and discussion of your goals for the estate.  A walk through/consultation is free of charge and helps us to determine the best option for selling the contents of your estate.

Additional Services/Fees

If we are conducting the sale for you, these services may be included in our standard commission fee. However, depending on the scope of the work, a flat rate or an hourly fee, per person will apply.

  • Assistance in making decisions on what items to keep, sell or donate and which items should be disposed of.
  • Valuations of an entire estate or single items.  Appraisal services available upon request.
  • Empty out attics, basements, barns, garages, sheds and studios.
  • Hauling and disposal of non-saleable items. Rates vary depending on the scope and difficulty of the job.
  • Broker high value items that need to be taken to a different venue, such as auction and sold to a broader market. Commission is based on a smaller percentage plus any reimbursed expenses. 
  • Assist in selling vehicles and motorcycles (vintage, modern), boats, etc.
  • Utilize resources for valuation/appraisal work. Hourly fee may apply.
  • Assist with packing of contents for storage, moving, etc. Hourly fee per person applies.
  • Total estate clean out. With or without an estate sale, many clients want the home left completely empty.  This is probably one of the largest costs for an estate, but if you wish to sell the property and move forward its well worth it because the entire process is finished rapidly and efficiently.  Hourly rate may apply.


Our Services And Fees What Do They Include?