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1929 Atwater Kent 55C Radio in Kiel Table. No significant condition issues. The most recent 2015 sales reflect buyers will pay between $200.00 - $350.00 for this radio cabinet.
This radio had been stored in a garage, the family thought it was worthless. It was destined for the curb...Sold $250.00

Vintage lot of 1960's Barbies, including costumes and accessories.  Sold 1700.00

​​What's It Worth? 

Finding items that haven't been seen in decades...

Items found discarded in piles headed for the curb, trash or donation...

Never knowing what we are going to find...

We thrive on going on the hunt for hidden treasures. Often stashed in places people would not think to look or didn't know existed.  Long lost jewelry, historical documents, family heirlooms, coins, etc.  Yep, we do find some pretty great things.  Recently we found bags full of old coins hidden away behind some old tool cabinets in a garage. Family members didn't know about the coins and where very excited.  We also found an old rifle from the late 1800's in a golf bag full of old clubs, the barrel was covered with a sock, the family was going to throw it out without looking at what was in the bag.  After some research we where able to determine that the gun belonged to a family member who went to West Point and was the first Post Master in Washington DC. Although the rifle was not worth much in terms of dollars, it was very valuable to the family history who didn't even know the gun existed.  The family was grateful, and we were honored to have the chance to rediscover it.

Knowing were to look and then knowing what to do with these found treasures often times requires a professional, someone who has experience getting into the dust gathering parts of an estate.  

If your considering having an estate sale or need assistance in determining what to do with the contents of an estate, you may want to talk to a professional estate sale company.  

Make sure you don't throw or give anything away until you've talked to someone who knows were and how to look.

Early model 1950's Eshelman Child Sport Car. Rediscovered, February 2016 in a utility trailer at a clients property in San Jose, CA.  Was about to become yard art until our research revealed it's a real "micro-car" that was powered by a 2hp Briggs & Stratton motor.  Somewhere in time, it was brush painted with the blue paint pictured above.  Under the paint we could see it was originally two-toned yellow/red with a white "license plate" shape painted over the Eshelman name on back.  Car is going to be restored. Not many have come on the market, parts are scarce which makes it challenging to restore, those that sold have commanded good prices.  Stay tuned as this car will be for sale.  Sold $1,000

Metropolitan Fashion Spring & Summer 1884 Pattern catalog.
Long forgotten and found in the bottom of an old steamer trunk in a 100 year old barn. We were so excited to have the opportunity to look at this beautiful catalog of bygone fashions...Sold for $150.00.